Our world demands a new generation of leaders! Build them in 9 easy steps.

Our world is on the path of becoming pure technology; from flying cars, delivery drones, autonomous ubers, microdevices to monitor your body, videos of your ancestors generated from old pictures, and many more. This means that the demand for software engineers will continue to grow exponentially.

And with this, we will need leaders who guide them through success, coach them, and help them take the best of them, which squiz their maximum potential.

Every software engineer I have been working with, I expect that she or…

“We learn from failure, not from success!” — Bram Stoker

Since I was a child I used to hear everywhere — “You need to learn from your mistakes” — And even sometimes a more sophisticated sentence— “the real mistake is not the mistake by itself, but not learning from it” — . At some point, I thought: “boy I might be making a lot of mistakes since I’m hearing those words very often”.

Now that I look backward it was kind of obvious. When you are a child you make a lot of mistakes because everything is new to you…

As a Software Engineering Manager, a lot of people on my team had asked me: how can they become a Software Engineering Manager? And even some people have asked me: how can they become a CTO?

Becoming a CTO might be the highest level you can achieve as a Software Engineer. I mean, it might be higher levels than CTO like becoming a CEO or winning a Nobel prize for writing an ultra-compression algorithm and achieving world peace, but for now, let’s say you just want to become the Ultimate Software Engineer.

That makes me think of the UFC (Ultimate…

Become a super dev and get a call to action

Easy actionable tips that will get you that promotion now!

I have been working as Software Engineer since I was 20, during this time I did and learned a lot of things and I always tend to keep track of such “life lessons”, so, I thought it would be a good idea to share the most related to our work life as software engineers.

1. Chase responsibility and money will follow

I’m sad that too many people are focused solely on money and not to build a strong skillset and brand for themselves.

Why do you think you will have better monetary prospects in the future if…

Read faster learn faster

Welcome to the age of massive information!

Information is everywhere. Is on all of your surroundings; your cellphone, your brain, your TV, your computer, on the radio, on all kinds of papers: newspaper, magazines, flyers, books, etc.

The information has been produced since the time of the caves when your ancestors used to draw an image of a mammoth to warn others about the dangers in that area.

According to Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, we produce 2 exabytes of information every day! That is 130 million iPhones worth of data. 1,073,741,824 Gigabytes. …

Program your brain to accomplish anything you want… anything!

Do you know you are not your mind? Do you know you are more than just your brain and the thoughts on this? Your brain is a tool, the same way a computer is just a tool to accomplish certain tasks. Although the brain is far more powerful than a computer because it learns by itself and responds to emotions (yeah I know some computers do it too).

I program computers to do what I want, so, I’m a programmer. I usually develop software that is programmed to do certain tasks when a specific condition is met. …

The internal machiney without C(L)ean Code
Without C(L)ean Code machinery — image author Mart Virkus

I started to work as a Software Engineer the same year (2007) that uncle Bob releases the 1st edition of his great book “Clean Code”. Back in those days, I was working at a manufacturing company. Since it was a Manufacturing company, they had a lot of Lean practices and methodologies all around, so, I decided to gain more knowledge about it and got certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt.

It was around the same years when I got certified and also when I read the book, but back at that time, it didn’t ring any bells. It was…

Huge Ponkce

I have been in the software development industry for more than 14 years. I have experience building, designing and architecting enterprise software.

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